The Directors and Senior Managers of the Company are committed and support the implementation of the policy statement.

In line with the Equality Act 2010, it is the policy of the Company that there shall be no discrimination or less favourable treatment of employees or job applicants in respect of age, race, religion or belief, gender, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability or martial status. The Company is fully committed to ensuring there is no unfair and unlawful discrimination in relation to employees, job applicants, Clients, suppliers and members of the public. It is Company policy to engage, promote and train employees on the basis of their capabilities, qualifications and experience, without discrimination, and all employees will receive equal opportunity to progress within the Company.

In order to put this policy into practice in the day-to-day management and operations of the Company, we will strive to:

  • Monitor decisions on recruitment, selection, training and promotion to ensure they are based solely on objective and job related criteria;
  • Provide training for Managers to ensure that they understand the nature of discrimination and are fully aware of their responsibilities in implementing our Equality and Diversity policy;
  • Provide awareness for employees to ensure that they have a greater understanding of Equality and Diversity in the workplace;
  • Provide information and advice on the implications of the relevant legislation and on assistance available to help in the employment of people with disabilities;
  • Ensure that all policies are applied thoroughly and fairly particularly those relating to any complaint involving discrimination or harassment;
  • Communicate this policy to employees, suppliers and third parties, where applicable, through induction, training and communications;
  • Encourage our suppliers and third parties to adopt policies and working practices, which reflect our own views and values on Equality and Diversity and that of our Clients.

All employees are also responsible for the promotion and advancement of this policy and the Company will support its implementation and communication through its Equality and Diversity Programme of Action.

This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and the Head of HR will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the policy.

This statement will be prominently displayed on the Intranet, Head Office and at appropriate Company locations.