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Dignity plc, the UK's only listed provider of funeral and end of life services, is pleased to announce the appointment to the Board with immediate effect of Kate Davidson, as Chief Operating Officer.

Kate Davidson re-joined Dignity plc as Chief Operating Officer, from Westerleigh in June 2021. She has since sat on the group’s Executive Committee; focused on organisational change, operational efficiencies, and delivery of Dignity’s future development projects.

With over 15 years funeral and crematoria industry experience, Kate began her career in the crematoria sector within Local Government, later joining Dignity plc in management and strategic roles spanning eight years.

Kate is well respected in the end of life sector, and has been involved with a number of industry-wide funeral and crematoria policy initiatives.

Further to the announcement made on 1st September 2021, Dignity is also delighted to announce that following a successful probationary period, Graham Ferguson is confirmed as an independent non-executive member of the Board.

Graham is Chair of the Audit and Remuneration Committees and a member of the Nomination and Risk Committees.

John Castagno, Dignity plc Chairman, commented:

“Kate is a strategic business leader with extensive commercial experience of the funeral sector, an advocate for culture change and is a valuable addition to the Board. I am also delighted that Graham has agreed to accept this appointment and that the Board will continue to benefit from his extensive knowledge and challenge as an independent Non-Executive Director.

I look forward to working with Kate, Graham and my other Board colleagues as we continue to deliver our strategy, which seeks to provide value for money and high standards in the services we deliver to local communities, whilst unlocking significant long-term value for all of our stakeholders.”

Kate Davidson has a share interest in Dignity plc Restrictive Stock Units to the value of £100,000 which are due to vest on 31st December 2023.

This announcement is made pursuant to Listing Rule 9.6.11R. There are no other details required to be disclosed under Listing Rule 9.6.13R.

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