S430 Announcement

Section 430 (2B) Companies Act Statement – Paul Humphreys

Further to the announcement by Dignity Plc (the "Company") on 22 April 2021, Paul Humphreys resigned as a Non-Executive Director of the Company on 22 April 2021. Paul has waived the entitlement under his letter of appointment to his payment in lieu of three months' notice. Therefore, in accordance with section 430 (2B) of the Companies Act 2006, the Company confirms that no remuneration payments will be made by the Company to Paul after ceasing to be a Director of the Company, nor will any payment for loss of office be made. Paul shall be entitled to accrued fees at the date of resignation together with reimbursement of any expenses incurred prior to that date.


Tim George
Company Secretary
4 May 2021


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