Simplicity launches new nationwide low-cost cremation service

New Low Cost UK Funeral Service Offers a 50% Saving

Simplicity Cremations has launched a unique new low cost attended funeral service. The new service will provide people with all the practical and essential elements of a cremation, without the obligation to pay for traditional ceremonial elements they might not want.

This is the first service of its type available across the UK and, unlike other low cost options, gives people the freedom to choose when the funeral takes place rather than having to accept a time slot allocated by the provider.

It launches at a time when consumer demand for alternative and lower cost funerals is rising. The entire service costs just £1,895 including crematorium and doctors’ fees. It offers almost a 50% saving on the average cost of a traditional funeral quoted by the 2018 Royal London National Funeral Cost Index Report.

Simplicity’s goal is to help consumers who want to make a different choice for their funeral. Not everyone wants a full service and many do not see the value in some of the traditional aspects. Simplicity Cremations is increasing access to simple and lower cost cremation services. This could also help around one in ten people who struggle to pay for the cost of a full traditional funeral.

The new full attended funeral service can be booked over the telephone and includes*:

  • All the practical and essential elements of a cremation funeral, including a simple coffin.
  • A dedicated 45-60 minute time slot at the closest Dignity crematorium, available Monday to Friday, without time or attendee restrictions.
  • Cremation and doctors’ fees, plus the collection of the deceased on the day of cremation and return of ashes to the family.
  • Support in making the arrangements provided over the telephone by funeral professionals.

The service lets customers choose exactly the funeral arrangements they want for their loved ones, including the ceremonial format, music, visual tributes and selection of a minister or celebrant. The arrangements are made over the telephone with help from funeral professionals.

Simplicity Cremations was recognised as Best Direct Cremation Provider at the Good Funeral Awards in September 2018. It uses Dignity’s 46 crematoria across the UK, which subscribe to the highest quality standards and offer dedicated 45-60 minute time slots.

Mark Hull, Group Head of Marketing at Simplicity Cremations, said: “There is a rising consumer demand for lower cost funeral options. We believe our new fully attended funeral offers a level of value and choice not previously available on a national scale.

“We’ve focussed on the thing we believe many consumers will value most, attending the actual service. If you don’t have to pay to visit to a Funeral Director or for the expense of a hearse and limousines, you can significantly lower the cost. It complements our direct cremation offering, which we launched in 2016, providing a greater choice and flexibility for families to remember their loved ones in the way they want.”

Simplicity already provides two types of services – an unattended direct cremation without a service (£995) and an intimate cremation with a service for up to 12 attendees (£1,395). It has seen a 400% increase in people buying its direct cremation services in the first 6 months of 2018 compared with the same period in 2017.

The new full attended service has been welcomed by consumer groups:

Rosie Inman-Cook from the charity Natural Death Centre said: “This is real progress for the more independent minded family who just need help with the nitty gritty and don't want vehicles or 'traditional' dress.  Available through a UK wide crematoria network, I can see how this option will be of real help to many families whether autonomy or economy is the driving force behind their need.”

Alix Baldwin, Director of Your Funeral Choice, said: “We welcome the launch of this new service. Given the financial challenges some families face when arranging a funeral, this increases choice by offering a flexible package at a competitive price point. It allows families more freedom to organise things their way, which many will appreciate.”

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