Results of AGM

The Company announces that at the Annual General Meeting held on 11th June 2020 all the resolutions proposed were passed.  Copies of the Final Voting Record can be found on the Dignity website at www.dignityplc.co.uk/investors/agm.

The Company notes that more than 20% of the votes cast on Resolution 11 ("To authorise the Board to make political donations or incur political expenditure") were against the resolution. The Company will continue to engage with shareholders to better understand their concerns on this issue.

As stated in the AGM Notice, it is not the Company's policy to make donations to political parties, or to make other political donations within the normal meaning of that expression, and the Directors have no intention of changing that policy. The purpose of Resolution 11 is to avoid the inadvertent infringement of provisions within the Companies Act 2006.

Copies of the special resolutions passed at the Annual General Meeting will shortly be available for inspection via the National Storage Mechanism at www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/NSM.  

Copies of these special resolutions may also be obtained from the Company Secretary.


Tim George
Company Secretary
Dignity plc +44 (0) 121 354 1557

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