Our services during the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic

We understand this is a concerning and confusing time for everyone. Right now, all our businesses – that is Dignity Funerals, Dignity Funeral Plans, Simplicity Cremations and The Crematoria and Memorial Group, are working tirelessly to provide the high standard of funeral and cremation services as we always do. We have implemented significant contingency plans that will ensure we are able to sustain caring for families and the deceased in the coming months.

We are working closely with the government and the wider funeral sector to ensure that we deliver the services that are needed, whilst providing the necessary protection for our customers, those who use our facilities and our colleagues. The situation is changing daily, and we will adapt accordingly, but right now these are the measures that we have put in place to ensure the wellbeing of everyone.

Our operations
We already operate with the highest levels of hygiene and safety standards across all our locations. However, we have implemented additional cleaning routines and procedures in line with guidance from Public Health England to ensure the safety of our staff and all visitors.

Arranging Funerals

  • It has always been possible to arrange a Simplicity Cremation over the phone and we have put in place procedures that will also allow us to arrange a Dignity Funeral without needing a face to face meeting.
  • We remain open 24 hours a day. Calls are being taken and managed through our local funeral directors and our central customer contact centre. We have also enabled some staff to be able to take calls from their homes. If you are trying to call us, please be patient if we take a little longer to answer the phone than normal, we are here for you and will speak to you as soon as we can.
  • For anyone with a funeral plan - nothing changes with how it is used. There may be a few limitations imposed in some areas of the service which will be adhering to the latest government guidelines. Please call the number provided with your funeral plan documents and you will be given the appropriate guidance at that particular time for you.
  • We are doing our utmost to provide clients with the funeral service they want. However, there are some areas where we are restricted by government guidance and may not be able to provide the complete service we would normally be able to. This is changing frequently and we will provide as much information as possible during any arrangements. 

Caring for someone who has died with COVID-19
We are experienced and prepared to take care of people who have died under all circumstances, including with COVID-19. At all times we will look after your loved one in a caring and dignified manner.

Our Crematoria

  • We have provided specific guidance to all funeral directors that use our facilities.
  • In order to adhere to Government social distance instructions – restrictions on the amount of people who can attend a service have been put in place. As of 26th March a maximum of 10 mourners will be permitted in the chapels at our crematoria at any one time. 

Further questions and answers
We have provided specific statements on each of our business websites with appropriate Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. You can access each at the following

Dignity Funerals

Simplicity Cremations

The Crematoria and Memorial Group

We are constantly monitoring updates from Public Health England and the UK Government. As new information becomes available, we will look to amend our operations accordingly and will provide any updates that we can through our websites and social channels.


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