Blocklisting Six Monthly Return

To:  The FCA

1. Name of applicant:

Dignity plc

2. Name of scheme

2007 Dignity SAYE Scheme
(Final Closing Return)

3. Period of return:

From 14 September 2012 To 29 April 2013

4. Balance under scheme from previous return:


5. The amount by which the block scheme has been increased, if the scheme has been increased since the date of the last return


6. Number of securities issued/allotted under scheme during period:

8,199 shares - Cancelled

7 Balance under scheme not yet issued/allotted at end of period

Nil – Final Return

8. Number and class of securities originally listed and the date of admission

8,626 shares applied for 14 September 2012.

9. Total number of securities in issue at the end of the period

57,294,344 ordinary 10.5 pence shares

Name of contact…Richard Portman …

Telephone number of contact ……0121 321 5602 ………………
Director/company secretary/suitably experienced employee/duly authorised officer, for and on behalf of

Name of applicant

Richard Portman

Corporate Services Dignity plc


3 May 2013

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