As a listed company Dignity is required to have a Remuneration Committee as a committee of the Board of Directors.

The Remuneration Committee determines and agrees with the Board, within formal terms of reference, the framework and policy of Directors’ and senior management’s remuneration and its cost to the Group. The Committee considers the performance of the Executive Directors as a prelude to recommending their annual remuneration, bonus awards and awards of share options to the Board for final approval.

The Committee is chaired by Non-Executive Director, Gillian Kent, supported by the Non-Executive Director, Dean Moore. The UK Corporate Governance Code requires a Committee of two members in the case of smaller companies. The Chief Executive and the Chairman can also attend the meetings by invitation of the Committee. No Director or senior manager is involved in any decisions with regard to their own remuneration. The Chairman of the Board is not a member of the Remuneration Committee.

The Executive Directors recommend the remuneration of Non-Executive Directors and these recommendations take into account role, responsibilities and time commitment in the fulfilment of those duties. The Non-Executive Directors are not eligible for pensions and do not participate in the Group’s bonus or share schemes.

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