The other members of the Committee are Jane Ashcroft, David Blackwood, Mary McNamara, and James Wilson.

The Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board on the structure, size and composition of the Board and the senior management team. It is also responsible for identifying and nominating, for the approval of the Board, replacement or additional Directors and members of the senior management team. Such appointments would be preceded by the preparation, by the Committee, of a role description and capabilities.

The Nomination Committee and by extension the Board continue to support the spirit of Lord Davies’ Report "Women on Boards". The board currently has 29% of Board positions filled by women. We remain committed to increasing the proportion of women serving at the Board of Dignity but remain mindful of the overall need to recruit the very best candidates regardless of gender. The Board will continue to encourage similar diversity in senior management positions throughout the workforce.

The Committee formally considers succession planning annually under the terms of reference.

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